Sonic Underground Season 1 Episode 8
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Sonic Underground Season 1 Episode 8

Sonic Underground Season 1 Episode 8

Queen Aleena’s royal journals are rumored to be buried under a palace in the city of Tashistan. As Sonic and his siblings scour the city in search of the scrolls, Sonia gets into trouble when she is accidentally knocked in the head during a confrontation, causing her to lose her memory. Sonia gets into more trouble when she inadvertently sells her power medallion to a local merchant. A young boy from the village makes an attempt to keep Sonia safe, but the two are captured by Sleet and Dingo. Sonic and Manic must then work together to retrieve the power medallion, locate the journals and find the one thing that is most precious to them, Sonia.

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Serie: Sonic Underground

Episode Title: Who Do You Think You Are

Air Date: 1999-09-08