Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 12
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Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 12

Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 12

Donald’s top scientist, Dr. Ryan, arrives to test Chase’s invention. The two of them dislike each other and don’t get along. When Donald puts Dr. Ryan in charge of the space elevator, Chase immediately gets jealous. Donald then makes Chase Dr. Ryan’s assistant. Dr. Ryan puts Chase in charge of screwing in the lug nuts, but Chase refuses, and Dr. Ryan builds the space elevator without Chase. The day of the launch, Chase performs a bionic scan of the elevator and finds a major braking flaw on the elevator. Chase tells Leo and they agree to keep it to themselves. Donald then decides not to use the test dummy and says that he should test out the space elevator. Chase and Leo try to convince Donald to not go, but he can’t hear them since the space elevator’s walls are soundproof. After the space elevator takes off, Chase tells Dr. Ryan that there is a design flaw with the braking system. The two of them work together to safely get Donald back on the ground. Working together they reversed the charge and the elevator begins coming down ten times as fast. Leo decides to stand under the elevator to stop it from hitting the ground and killing Donald. His plan works until Donald approaches all of them and tells them that he used the emergency parachute to escape. Leo then gets stuck holding the space elevator until he tries to escape and it drops, crushing his leg. His leg is broken so badly that he needed a titanium rod put in. Instead, Donald does the procedure himself and gives Leo a bionic leg.

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Serie: Lab Rats

Episode Title: Space Elevator

Air Date: 2015-07-29