Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 10
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Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 10

Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 10

Douglas finds out that there is a student named Kate with the Commando App. Chase tries to activate her Commando App, named Spikette by Douglas, so he can research her. When he starts fighting with Adam, she activates her Commando App and thinks Chase is her baby. While she destroys the bionic academy, Bree forces Chase to activate his Commando App by embarrassing him so he and Kate can battle. Unfortunately, he teams up with her. Douglas gives Bree a Commando App and she and Kate begin battling each other. Bree wins and Douglas extracts Kate’s chip. Chase apologizes to Kate and finds out that Douglas replaced her Commando App with sonic screaming.

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Serie: Lab Rats

Episode Title: Spike vs. Spikette

Air Date: 2015-07-15