Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 9
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Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 9

Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 9

Donald shows a new motorcycle to the Lab Rats when they get a video message from Douglas that Krane has lost it and implanted himself with more bionic abilities, abilities even he doesn’t know about. The Lab Rats instead believe this to be a trap, leading Donald to activate a new security system that only he can bypass. While Leo is at Mission Creek High School, Douglas arrives and tries to appeal to Leo by reminding him that he knew about Douglas and Marcus before the rest of them. Douglas then shows Leo video footage of Krane implanting himself with bionics and asks him to call his brother to prove his honesty. Back at the lab, a transmission comes in and shows Leo and Tasha captured. While Donald thinks it’s Douglas, Krane reveals himself on-screen as the captor and demands that the Lab Rats arrive in 10 minutes. While the Lab Rats want to rescue them, Donald heads out alone with an extremely powerful thermal blaster. Donald arrives at Krane’s lair, only for Krane to siphon the power from the blaster, rendering it useless and quickly beating Donald with super strength and molecularkinesis. During the battle, Leo and Tasha are trapped in an exothermic energy field to fry them. Afterward, Krane geo-leaps to the lab, allowing Donald to use the thermal blaster to suck in the heat to set Leo and Tasha free. As Chase works to deactivate the security system, Krane arrives and easily beats the Lab Rats with his more advanced bionics. Before Krane can finish them off, Douglas arrives and blasts Krane with a laser blaster. Although he saves the Lab Rats, Krane quickly recovers and knocks him down with another force wave. As he once again prepares to attack, Chase repels his blast back at him with a force-field, defeating him for good. Douglas plans to capture the unconscious Krane, but Donald arrives and blames the entire mess on him. Unfortunately, Krane geo-leaps out of the house and Donald demands that Douglas leaves.

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Serie: Lab Rats

Episode Title: Taken

Air Date: 2014-04-21