Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 6
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Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 6

Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 6

Chase loses the phone with a bowling video of him and Adam doing bionic bowling stunts at Tech Town while working. Leo and Bree try to get Principal Perry to spend her money when she retires after Donald gives her money and Trent becomes the principal and makes Leo’s life miserable. It works in the end, but Principal Perry is broke and Scott fires Caitlin after she destroys an ePhone 7, the one that had Adam and Chase’s bowling stunts on it, while giving them to the customers as revenge. Leo makes Trent wear a different uniform, but to Bree and Leo’s shock, he loves it, much to their dismay.

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Serie: Lab Rats

Episode Title: Not So Smart Phone

Air Date: 2014-03-24