Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 2
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Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 2

Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 2

Leo and Donald escape the elevator. Principal Perry lets them stay at the school temporarily in order to get her money from Donald quicker. The Lab Rats stow away on a cargo ship to hide from the FBI and must choose to either keep quiet or help stop a submarine that will crash into the ship and risk being caught. The Lab Rats decide to stop the submarine, with Chase activating his GPS, revealing the Lab Rats’ location. Douglas ends up capturing them, disguised as Donald. Douglas reveals that his new bionic partner is a billionaire named Victor Krane, who wants to destroy the Lab Rats permanently. When Donald calls the Lab Rats and tells them that Principal Perry kept their secret, they return home, only for them to get crazy as a result of the Triton App and attack the family, Leo manages to disable Chase’s Triton App when he talks to him and Chase manages to disable Adam and Bree’s apps. The Lab Rats and the family later see the demolition that happened to the lab and are upset.

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Serie: Lab Rats

Episode Title: Sink or Swim (2)

Air Date: 2014-02-17