Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 17
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Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 17

Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 17

Chase feels that it is unfair to be picked on by Adam every time and tells Donald. Douglas overhears and unlocks a new ability for Chase, upsetting the balance in the house. Douglas tries to fix things by giving Adam a new ability as well, but Adam and Chase end up fighting with one another. Meanwhile, Bree tells Leo about a contest at Tech Town as they are about to hit their one-millionth customer and Leo competes to ride on the first anti-gravity roller coaster and meet the owner of Tech Town. Principal Perry tries to compete to crush Leo’s dream. In the end, Chase and Adam have a death battle, but eventually forgive each other and find out that Douglas gave Bree the ability to go invisible, scaring everyone in the lab.

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Serie: Lab Rats

Episode Title: Brother Battle

Air Date: 2014-10-20