Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 14
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Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 14

Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 14

When the Lab Rats are on a mission, it is revealed that a girl was secretly recording them behind a bush. The next day, the Lab Rats go to school and everyone is looking at a viral video called The World’s First Bionic Humans. They go back home to tell Donald, but he says he already knows. Meanwhile, Chase is confused that he didn’t notice the girl who filmed them behind the bush, even though he thermal scanned the whole place. He then looks at a chip log and finds out that the girl was in the exact spot he scanned. Chase then goes to tell Donald, but a swarm of government agents surrounds them. Leo and Douglas are still in the lab, but they use a trap door to escape and go to school to stay safe. It is then revealed that the mission the Lab Rats were on was a setup. Krane then shows up with the girl who filmed the Lab Rats, whose name is revealed to be S-1. It is also revealed that she is bionic. Krane electrocutes Principal Perry and Douglas while S-1 crushes Leo’s arm. Later, Douglas and Principal Perry help Leo to get his arm fixed and take him to the hospital. Tasha later shows up, only to realize that Leo is gone. While the Lab Rats are saying their goodbyes, Special Agent Graham tells them it’s time to leave, but Adam refuses. Agent Graham orders his agents to take them down, but Adam uses his wave blast ability to knock them down. When they run to the hospital, Principal Perry tells them Krane is responsible for exposing their bionics. Meanwhile, Leo is in Douglas and Krane’s old warehouse and Douglas tells him to take his bandage off and pretend to throw a ball. He then realizes that Douglas upgraded his right arm with bionics. Krane then shows up and knocks down Leo and Douglas. The Lab Rats then show up with Donald, as Krane uses a powerful bionic ability that knocks out Leo, Donald, and the Lab Rats. Krane then paralyzes Donald with his choking ability. Bree battles S-1 while Adam and Chase battle Krane, but he easily takes them down with his newly upgraded Triton App that he uses on S-1. Leo then uses his bionic arm to take down Krane. As Agent Graham arrives, Douglas reveals that Krane and S-1 are the bionic villains. Agent Graham is then saved by Bree as Krane tries to attack him and he takes Krane and S-1 into custody and locks them in a prison with a bionic signal interrupter, preventing them from using their bionics to get out. Later, the Lab Rats are at a press conference and reveal that they are bionic superhumans. While watching it, Principal Perry makes new friends with the Lab Rats. In the end, Agent Graham tells Donald he’s now in charge of the Lab Rats. It is also revealed that Krane has an army of bionic soldiers, which he will use to destroy the Lab Rats.

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Serie: Lab Rats

Episode Title: You Posted What!?! (2)

Air Date: 2014-07-28